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Uploaded on Apr 15, 2009

I made this for my friend Charlene (LeenyChan on youtube). It is a version of the story Rapunzel that I wrote. Yes, I know the drawings are completely terrible.

WHAT THE TEXT OF THE VIDEO SAYS (I know it is hard to read, even in full screen mode):

Once upon a time, there lived a husband and a wife who lived in a cottage near the woods.

One day, the wife fell very ill. She believed the only thing that could cure her was a strange herb that grew in the garden next to their cottage. She begged her husband to retrieve it for her. The herb was called rapunzel.

The garden belonged to a witch who used the herbs for her spells.

The witch soon caught the husband trying to sneak into her precious garden. She let him take the rapunzel in exchange of a promise; the husband would give the witch his first born child. He took the herb back to his wife and her illness was indeed cured.

A year later, they had a baby girl whom the witch took away as soon as she was born.

The couple was able to see their daughter from the garden. They watched their daughter grow into a beautiful young woman with long, golden hair. The witch decided to name her Rapunzel.

Fear of Rapunzel running away, the witch locked her up in a tower when she was 12 years old.

Wishing she could play in the garden again, sighing knowing that she couldn't, Rapunzel would sing to cheer herself up.

One day, the king's son was riding in the forest when he was suddenly drawn to a beautiful voice singing loud and clear.

He watched as the witch came down the tower's bottom, calling out "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair." The prince watched in amazement as the witch climbed up the hair and into the tower. He decided he would soon try this.

While Rapunzel was sitting at the window sill, she noticed a black figure moving in the garden. She shouted, "Who goes there?" The black figure turned around, and she saw the face of a beastly creature. As appalled as she knew she should have been, the eyes of the creature held a deep intensity that she could not ignore. The creature turned around and walked off into the distance.

The next day when Rapunzel heard, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair," she put her hair out of the window and expected to see the witch. Instead, it was the handsome prince that had climbed up. The prince has brought her flowers, falling instantly in love with Rapunzel. However, Rapunzel was searching in his eyes for that intensity she saw in the creature. Not finding it, she did not gain much of an interest in the prince. At his request for a kiss, she rejected him and told him to leave the tower.

The next day, the creature sat in the garden again, hoping to catch a glimpse of Rapunzel. Soon, he heard the angelic voice sing. He had been coming to the garden for weeks, watching and listening to Rapunzel. He decided to finally talk with her.

Standing below the window, the creature shouted, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair." At his arrival into the tower, Rapunzel smiled. The creature smiled back.

Instead of speaking to her, the creature reached into his pocket and handed her a wooden box. Rapunzel's eyes grew wide at the box's content. Inside the box, there laid an actual heart, still warm as if freshly taken.

The creature explained that where he comes from, offering the heart of another being was a ritual performed when you wish to give your heart to the one you love. Rapunzel smiled. Looking into the creature's eyes, she said, "I love you, too."

The creature whistled, and a giant creature that resmebled a flying, fat horse came to the window of the tower.

Before leaving with the creature, Rapunzel tore the prince's flowers up, proclaiming that he was unoriginal.

Rapunzel and the creature rode off, living happily ever after.

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