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    Marissa Mayer's 3 biggest decisions as Yahoo CEO

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    GM's Mary Barra to staff: "No more crappy cars."

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    Warren Buffett: Get the Debt Ceiling Out of the Picture

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    Ginni Rometty on research, social and Watson

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    Ursula Burns: 'Chill out a little bit'

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    Chelsea Clinton on running for office: 'I don't know'

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    What's next for Sheryl Sandberg?

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    Diana Nyad One On One with Chelsea Handler

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    Christine Lagarde: You Have to Pick Your Fights and Really Persist

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    Lockheed Martin CEO: The painful cost of the government shutdown

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    4 tech & science companies pitch their great ideas

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    Sara Blakely: My inspiration was my own butt

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    Martina Navratilova on her colossal tennis career

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    Dr. Martine & Bina Rothblatt Speak at Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit

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    Elena Kagan: Not all government is dysfunctional

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    Sallie Krawcheck & Patty Stonesifer on Finding Your Passion

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    Lee Scott joins Tory Burch board

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    Why the 'Lean In' conversation isn't enough

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    Olympia Snowe to Congress: 'Do your job'

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    Who is willing to train tomorrow's American workers?

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    Chandrika Tandon One on One with Stephanie Mehta

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    Robbie Kaplan One on One with Arianna Huffington

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    Sen. Susan Collins on Female Leadership During the Government Shutdown

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    Penny Pritzker From Big Business to The White House

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    Gridlock in Congress? Blame testosterone.