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Published on Sep 19, 2012

Q: Should Guys Take Pics of Girls Not in Cosplay + Share a "Creeper" Story.
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Black Nerd Rants on Creepers taking pictures at comic conventions.
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Nickelodeon Shows You Forgot - http://youtu.be/uWHOyb7EzLk
VidCon Creepers - http://youtu.be/EfDTIffiAZg

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Black Nerd Rants - CON CREEPERS TAKING PICTURES -- I go to a lot of comic conventions (Stan Lee's Comikaze, San Diego Comic-Con, VidCon, Anime Expo, E3, etc.) and have noticed a strange new trend: guys taking pictures of women at cons that aren't in cosplay. I expose these creepers and offer advice for the women being creeped on.

How To Not Be a Creeper
How To Stop Creepers at Comic Conventions
How To Take Pictures of Women | How To Take Pictures With Women
How To Enjoy Comic Conventions
How To Have Common Sense

Convention Creepers Taking Pictures
Comic-Con Creepers Taking Pictures
Con Creepers Taking Photos
Convention Creepers Taking Photos
Comic-Con Creepers Taking Photos
Con Creeper Picture Takers
Comic-Con Creeper Picture Takers
Convention Creeper Picture Takers
Con Creeper Photo Takers
Comic-Con Creeper Photo Takers
Convention Creeper Photo Takers
Con Creeper Photographers
Comic-Con Creeper Photographers
Convention Creeper Photographers

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