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  1. Snow Falls on Sandy's Rubble

  2. Mom Fined $2,500 After Toddler Urinates

  3. New "Beauty Treatment" Is a Slap in the Face

  4. Before and After: Sandy's Devastation

  5. Christie: People Could Lose Power Again

  6. Romney Supporters: Shock and Disappointment

  7. Long Lines Have Voters Screaming for Change

  8. Same-sex marriage referendum passes in Maryland

  9. RAW Video: Question 6 Passes

  10. Romney: This Is a 'Big Day for Big Change'

  11. Raw: Syrians Run for Cover in Fresh Airstrikes

  12. Raw: Biden Casts His Ballot in Delaware

  13. Raw: Romney Casts Ballot in 2012 Election

  14. Cold Weather and New Storm Add to Sandy Woes

  15. Obama: "You Know I Tell the Truth"

  16. Romney Pledges Bipartisanship in Final Push

  17. NY Gov: Cold Will Make Damaged Homes Unlivable

  18. Free Gas for New Yorkers, Obama Visits FEMA

  19. Romney Starts Last Weekend of Campaign

  20. Raw: Canceled NYC Race Disappoints Runners

  21. Ex-Penn St. President Charged in Sandusky Case

  22. Nat'l Guard Searches for Survivors in N.J. Town

  23. Raw: Salmon Swimming Upstream on Road

  24. First Flight Lands at LaGuardia After Sandy

  25. Obama in NJ: "We Are Here for You"

  26. Traders Return to NYSE, Issues Remain

  27. Romney: America Going Through Trauma Now

  28. Bloomberg: 18 NYC Fatalities From Sandy

  29. Raw: Md. Man Dies After Tree Falls on His Home

  30. Atlantic City Officials: It Could've Been Worse

  31. Romney Collects Food for Sandy Victims

  32. Christie: "This Is a Huge Undertaking"

  33. Mayor: Death Toll in NYC After Storm Is Up to 10

  34. Bloomberg: Massive Flooding in Lower Manhattan

  35. Sandy: Police clear tree in Arlington, VA

  36. Sandy Blows White House Race Off Track

  37. Obama Says He's Confident in Storm Preparations

  38. Along East Coast, Life Stops for Sandy

  39. Sandy: Alexandria Monday Morning

  40. US Foreign Policy: Changes Coming Post-election?

  41. Maryland Governor: Stay Inside for 24-36 Hours

  42. It's Not Easy Being Undead

  43. Eastern US Braces for Dangerous Superstorm

  44. Cuomo: NY Subway to Close at 7 P.M. Sunday

  45. Bloomberg: I'm Going to Sign an Evacuation Order

  46. Sandy Impact Could Last Several Days

  47. Pa. Infant Found Dead, Family Friend Arrested

  48. Obama: 'Huge Contrast' Between Campaigns

  49. National Weather Service: A Storm Like No Other

  50. Romney Calls for 'Bold Changes' for Economy

  51. Malala's Father, Doctor Say She's Doing Better

  52. California Is a Battleground for House Control

  53. Mrs. Obama on Presidency and Parenting

  54. Forecaster: 'Very Large Storm' for East Coast

  55. Romney Says His Campaign Has 'bigger' Ideas

  56. Teen Arrested in 10-Year-Old Girl's Death

  57. Raw: Blind Chinese Activist Honored in New York

  58. Designing People: Babies With DNA From 3 People?

  59. UK Bionic Hand to Hit Mass Market

  60. Ind. Senate Candidate: 'I Stand By' Rape Comment

  61. World's Oldest Teacher Still in Classroom

  62. With Time Short, Obama, Romney Hit Key States

  63. Apple's iPad Mini Targets Competitors

  64. Romney: One Campaign Taking on Water

  65. Missing NJ Girl's Body Found in Recycling Bin

  66. Expert: Neither Candidate Will Get Debate Boost

  67. Romney, Obama Spar Over Military Spending

  68. Foreign Policy Debate Shifts to Economy

  69. What to Look for in Final Presidential Debate

  70. Armstrong's Hometown Mixed on Stripped Titles

  71. Police: Wisconsin Spa Shooting Suspect Shot Self

  72. Armstrong Says Last Few Weeks 'Difficult'

  73. Ryan: Obama Running 'small Campaign'

  74. Missing Ore. Woman's Body Found, Man Arrested

  75. Earlier Puberty Seen in Boys, Just Like in Girls

  76. Romney: Obama Campaign Using 'Silly Word Games'

  77. Dad: Trayvon's School Records Not Relevant

  78. Obama: Romney Suffering From 'Romnesia'

  79. Springsteen Takes to Stage for Obama

  80. Obama: Romney 'Whiffed' on Explaining Tax Plan

  81. TV Stunt Goes Awry in Norway

  82. NYPD: Al-Qaida 'Motivated' Fed Reserve Suspect

  83. Sports Marketer: No Comeback for Armstrong

  84. Obama Hits Romney on 'binders,' 'sketchy' Plan

  85. Ryan: Obama Lacked New Solutions During Debate

  86. 5 Dead in Apparent Arson-Homicide at Denver Bar

  87. Analyst: Debate Unlikely to Swing Race

  88. Armstrong Stepping Down As Livestrong Chairman

  89. Obama, Romney Offer Jobs Pitch at Second Debate

  90. Raw: Friends Memorialize Ex-Sen. Specter

  91. Picasso, Monets Stolen in Dutch Heist

  92. Pandit Turned Citi Around, but Issues Remain

  93. NY Prof: 'Election at Stake' for Obama in Debate

  94. Ryan: Obama Risking Lost Generation

  95. Girl Shot by Taliban Sent to UK for Care

  96. Longtime GOP Senate Moderate Arlen Specter Dies

  97. Raw: Bloody Aftermath of Syria Attack

  98. Romney Faults Obama Over China Trade

  99. Raw: Obama Has Dinner With Contest Winners

  100. Authorities: Body Is That of Missing Colo. Girl

  101. First Person: Moving 157,000-Lbs. Endeavour

  102. Children Treated Daily at Syria Hospital

  103. Zombies invade DC... until police show up

  104. White House Defends Biden on Libya

  105. Seniors Differ on VP Debate

  106. Obama: 'Really Proud' of Biden

  107. Biden to Ryan: 'That's a Bunch of Malarkey'

  108. Analyst: Armstrong Should Step Away From Charity

  109. Romney: Obama to 'Save Big Bird', Not Americans

  110. Playing hooky to be a part of Nationals history

  111. Romney Holds Town Hall in Ohio

  112. Body Identified As Missing Boston Grad Student

  113. Teen Arrested in Sucker-Punching of Pa. Teacher

  114. New York's Boom in Homelessness

  115. Taliban Gunmen Shoot 14-year-old Girl Activist

  116. Nobel Prize Winner: 'It Really Was a Surprise'

  117. Romney Touts Less Farm Regulation in Iowa

  118. Sandusky, Victims Speak at Sentencing

  119. Romney: Time to Change Course in Middle East

  120. Virgil Goode for President, but at What Cost?

  121. Nationals Rally Past Cardinals in Game 1

  122. Obama Pokes Fun at Own Debate Performance

  123. Raw: SpaceX Dragon Capsule Launched to ISS

  124. Venezuelans Cast Election Ballots in New Orleans

  125. The Washington Times Celebrates 30 Years

  126. Bonding over the Nationals

  127. Nationals Win NL East

  128. Iron Team Endurance Competition

  129. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan on the budget, Romney and defense cuts

  130. RNC: Floor View of Balloon Drop!

  131. Grass Roots Republicans Voice Their Concerns

  132. TWT Raw video footage of Gamera II flight

  133. RNC Exclusive : Ron Johnson

  134. RNC Exclusive: Jim Gilmore

  135. Unheard voices from the RNC

  136. RNC Exclusive : Lt Gov. Bill Bolling

  137. RNC Exclusive : Lt Gov. Bill Bolling

  138. RNC Exclusive: Tony Perkins

  139. RNC Exclusive: Tony Perkins

  140. RNC Exclusive: Jon Voight

  141. RNC Exclusive: Jon Voight

  142. RNC Exclusive: Governor Mary Fallin

  143. RNC Exclusive: Governor Mary Fallin

  144. RNC Exclusive: Sen. Jim Inhofe

  145. RNC Exclusive: Beau Davidson

  146. Party Chairman Reince Priebus Opens, Then Recesses Day 1 Session

  147. Video of Ripken abduction suspect

  148. Gov. Bob McDonnell Talks Immigration and Auditing the Fed

  149. Gov. Gary Johnson on Debate Exclusion

  150. Bang, bang, boom: Fun times at the GSA

  151. Government-hired drumming troupe motivates GSA employees

  152. Flag Day 2012

  153. Azerbaijan's Ambassador to U.S. speaks to The Washington Times

  154. TWT Video: Health care debate outside Supreme Court

  155. Photo Therapy Helps Autistic Adults Blossom

  156. Protesters Honk Horns Outside of State House in Annapolis, Md.

  157. The Trumpeter

  158. Black History Month Poetry Slam

  159. Dan Danner Speaks about Healthcare Legislation

  160. Pancake Flippin' races at National Cathedral

  161. Newt Gingrich: 'I don't fear anybody'

  162. Rep. John Kline on Obama's education proposals

  163. Occupy D.C. protesters lash out at police

  164. Groundhog Day in Washington D.C.!

  165. DC Occupiers 'tent' McPherson Statue

  166. Year of the Dragon!

  167. DC Statehood

  168. Youth Rally and Mass For Life

  169. American Wind Energy Association talks tax credits and job loss

  170. MLK Day Parade!

  171. Rev. Al Sharpton speaks at King memorial on MLK day

  172. Guantanamo: Voices in the crowd

  173. Penn Camera files for bankruptcy: Customers react

  174. One of the Last Living Room Caucuses in Small Town Iowa

  175. A welcome home for heroes

  176. A new beginning

  177. Ambassador of Sri Lanka speaks out on violence against women in country

  178. John Engler talks business regulations

  179. An unexpected surprise

  180. Robert McDowell on international Internet regulation

  181. Atifete Jahjaga on the future of Kosovo

  182. Ernie Grunfeld on the Washington Wizards

  183. Zalman Shoval on the state of Israel

  184. Ashes of the past

  185. Remembering a day of infamy

  186. District Nights

  187. Robert Ehrlich on politics and his new book

  188. It's Black Friday!

  189. Second Chances

  190. A Turkey's Tale

  191. FBI video of Jack Johnson accepting bribe

  192. Protesters march to Key Bridge

  193. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe

  194. Gary Johnson speaks on the Occupy Wall Street movement

  195. Joel Osteen speaks on Mitt Romney's faith

  196. African Americans in Baseball

  197. Gary Shapiro discusses broadband spectrum

  198. Former Gov. Bill Graves speaks on new trucking regulations

  199. Same-sex marriage referendum passes in Maryland