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LIVE - Shiny Ponyta After 25968 Encounters! (Leaf Green #1)

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Uploaded on Jul 19, 2010

Before you read the description, get some popcorn and a soda, sit back, and watch the most epic Abenzio video yet! This description is long, long and a longer description than EVER before! I suggest you stop reading now, and finish watching the video. Then take the long time to read this long description. It's very lengthy, but definitely worth reading!

Well guys, I can't believe it. Finally, finally, finally, a word I will use a lot in this video, finally, I got it!!! I finally found a Shiny Ponyta in Mt. Ember!

The hunt started on December 2nd, in the middle of many other hunts, and it took me a while to get to 740 encounters. But when I did on December 26th, I found a Shiny Slowpoke in my Leaf Green. I still continued to hunt in Kindle Road despite the odds because of a special feeling I had that Ponyta would turn up next. I was wrong. After 1908 encounters, I found a Shiny Fearow in my Leaf Green.

I still felt that Kindle Road would bring me another shiny fast. And that's what I want. But, you can't always get what you want. And I started running from Pokemon instead of fainting them to make the encounters go faster.

Well, after 7000 I decided to go into Mt. Ember to hunt for this. At the time I finally got Ho-Oh, I was around 9000 for this. So, I worked my tail off and got to 11000. I realized my Leaf Green could be a tad unlucky sometimes, but don't worry, I told myself, it'll definitely come before 15000. It didn't.

I started to worry. What if my Leaf Green lost its luck for a while? It did. I just didn't know that, until I got to 17000 encounters. Freed up by my other Kanto Region games (decided to terminate a secret search that was taking too long), my Fire Red #1 and my Fire Red #2, I decided to triple encounter for this shiny at the middle of spring.

That would definitely bring it soon, right? WRONG AGAIN! I reached 20000 and needed something new; some new idea that would keep my interest and my focus in the midst of my longest hunt ever.

The idea was filming encounters for Ponyta while listening to music at the same time. It keeps me excited, interested and most of all, able to put up with filming and charging all day. Plus, the thought of getting a shiny with awesome music in the background really added to the inspiration.
So, I started this and got up to 23000. Never the less, all my hope was already gone and only focus remained. I had a duty to do; and I was starting to like this new method of hunting, with the epic music and all.

Every time I was tempted to hunt without the camera, this weird feeling from inside kept telling me to film and listen while encountering. But, when I got to 25000, I started to lose hope. But all the people on YouTube kept predicting and that pushed me as well.

And today, I get it. I was losing my focus at 25940 encounters (because there was no way it would shine before 26000. I was just hurrying up and encountering (Sorry if my singing annoys you). But, my longest hunt EVER ended 28 encounters later (10 on each game).
After a grand total of 230 days (December 2nd, 2009 to July 19th, 2010), 25968 encounters (25970) if you count each and every encounter, my shiny finally appeared! And it was Ponyta too!

Many people predicted, but only one person was the closest. Here are the predictions:

~~~~~~~Predictions for Ponyta~~~~~~~
xixleonxix: 28921
AuroraLights493: under 27000
TheVipersRKO1: 25800
aipom0: under 27000
jonny7197: under 30000
iloveanime11100: 29345
yoyoj1234: under 35000
xxbrotacxx: under 28000
superflaffy: under 31000
CalmCune: 26773
LilAbdi97: 31000
Mismagius1997: around 29000
ShinyJ3st3r: 26000 - 26500
superdooper153: around 27500
miwipal: 27000
IWillNotDie46: 27463
omegaman4100: around 29500
KimmyDare: around 26100
polarbomb15: 27000 - 27500
Evilbusdriver12: 30000
redblitz99: 30000
aShinyToasteris1337: 30000 - 34999
naruto4evacouples: around 33000
fudgy105: just over 27000
TheriaultKyle: July 22nd
Chickenchaser2142: 27000 - 29000
Nactios: 29521
armyant444: before 27500
shinyhunter007: 28340
galaxymario123: about 29000
373Pokemon: under 27000
BlueAndRed34: 31122
thecrystalmagicman: 28000 -- 32000
Jakarta303: around 28500

So, I would like to congratulate TheVipersRKO1 for predicting the closest.

The song in the video is -- No Reason, by Sum41

I do not own the song in this video, it is just used for entertainment.

Thanks for watching everyone!

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