1. Where the Wild Things Are (feat. music by Michael Jackson, Enya, & Madonna)

  2. Vogue (Kindergarten Culmination 2012)

  3. So Long, Farewell (Follow-Up to Vogue)

  4. Material Girl (aka "Material World," from "The Lonely Prince")

  5. The Lonely Prince (feat. music by Madonna, The Beatles, Eric Carmen, & Bill Withers)

  6. Enya - One Toy Soldier (Kindergarten Holiday Peformance 2012)

  7. Miss Nelson is Missing (Trailer)

  8. Kindergarten Vogue (Culmination 2012)

  9. Garbage - When I Grow Up (from the film "Miss Nelson is Missing")

  10. Miss Nelson is Missing (feat. music by Bjork, Madonna, Garbage, & Blondie)

  11. Blondie - One Way or Another (from the film "Miss Nelson is Missing")

  12. Bjork - Army of Me (from the film "Miss Nelson is Missing")

  13. This Used to Be My Playground (from the film"Miss Nelson is Missing")

  14. Cherish/Like a Prayer (from "Miss Nelson is Missing")

  15. OUTTAKE - Miss Nelson is Missing (Ray of Light/Impressive Instant/Rescue Me Sequence)

  16. Madonna - Holiday (Wild Rumpus scene from "Where the Wild Things Are")

  17. Miss Nelson is Missing (Outtakes and Bloopers)

  18. I Have a Dream (Kindergarten Class of 2013)

  19. Madonna - MDNA San Jose Speech

  20. True Colors (Kindergarten Culmination 2013)

  21. Soundtrack Preview - The Rainbow Fish (feat. Madonna's "Who's That Girl?")

  22. Madonna - Who's That Girl (from "The Rainbow Fish" musical)

  23. Carly Simon - You're So Vain (from "The Rainbow Fish" musical)

  24. Annie Lennox - Why (from "The Rainbow Fish" Musical)

  25. Madonna - Nothing Really Matters (from "The Rainbow Fish" Musical)

  26. The Rainbow Fish (feat. music by Madonna, Carly Simon, & Annie Lennox)

  27. Kindergarten Channel (Trailer)

  28. Scene from "Up" (feat. "Young Blood" by Sophie Ellis-Bextor)

  29. Carol of the Bells (Winter Program 2013)

  30. Miss Nelson is Back (Trailer)

  31. Miss Nelson is Back (Movie Trailer)

  32. The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated (from the film "Miss Nelson is Back")

  33. Miss Nelson is Back (feat. music by Madonna, The Ramones, Janet Jackson, & Fatboy Slim)

  34. Madonna - Bedtime Story (from the film "Miss Nelson is Back")

  35. Janet Jackson - Escapade (from the film "MIss Nelson is Back")

  36. Madonna - Dress You Up (from the film "Miss Nelson is Back")

  37. "Anderson Cooper" cameo from "Miss Nelson is Back"

  38. Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now (from the film "Miss Nelson is Back")

  39. Madonna - Rain (finale from "Miss Nelson is Back")

  40. Miss Nelson is Back (Bloopers & Outtakes)

  41. Singing & Learning with Heidisongs

  42. Downtown (Culmination Rehearsal)

  43. One Way or Another (Kindergarten Sing-a-long)

  44. Downtown (Music Video Preview)

  45. Downtown (Kindergarten tribute to Los Angeles)

  46. Downtown (Culmination Performance 2014)