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Self-Portrait Biography (i make pictures)

696 views 2 years ago
video by VIV G (2012) http://www.vivg.com
Created with 35mm still photographic film, super8 motion picture film, VHS, digital video, digital photography, darkroom photography, PhotoShop, and FinalCutPro. Show less
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VIV G feature film projects.

video art by VIV G Play

video art by VIV G
film & cinema

western civilization by VIV G Play

this is western civilization

Art History Tributes by VIV G Play

Video art inspired by art history. The past, honored, and slightly rearranged to fit my my personal understanding and perception. Still works of art, now in movement, alive.

meet VIV G Play

this is viv

very early work by VIV G Play

early experiments and exploration in cinema, film, video - 1990's
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