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Vans $50,000 Be A Documentarian Contest

8,912 views 1 month ago
Be a documentarian! Enter at - Film your #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL 3-6 minute video based on the creative brief we've provided & you just may see your creation as part of our Fall 2014 #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL Campaign. Not enough? Have a film project in mind, but don't have enough to fund it? The winner also secures $50,000.00 to complete ANY other film project they're working on. Submit your finished 3-6 minute video for #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL March 10th-May 26th.

Music: "Two Reasons" by Young Rival

OffTheWall.TV is a digital online video network chronicling the unique aspects of Vans' brand of youth culture through original video projects and exclusive content exploring skate, surf, snow, BMX, girls' lifestyle, art and music. With more than 45 years of rich heritage and far-reaching influence in youth culture, OffTheWall.TV story-telling captures the creative expressions of Vans' "Off the Wall" identity.

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Off the wall is state of mind. Thinking differently. Embracing creative self-expression. Choosing your own line on your board and in your life. Since 1966, Vans has sought to inspire boardriders, musicians, artists and anyone for whom creativity matters as they inspire us and every product we make. #livingoffthewall was built to progress that dedication, enlisting some of our favorite story-tellers to share people, places and things that best illustrate such a commitment to originality. Using words, images and motion pictures, #livingoffthewall is a testament to the power of our global imagination, as explored through a surfboard, a microphone, a paintbrush and all tools of the creative trade. Watch and be entertained. Explore and interact. But also take #livingoffthewall and make it your own. We welcome you to inspire us with your own story of creative expression and thank you for being part of the Vans family.

How To Do Everything in the World Play

From, the ones who brought you "How to Piss in Public," comes a new original series: "How to Do Everything in the World" featuring Gavin McInnes. In these episodes, Gavin gives you important information... like How to Survive in Prison or How to Pick Up Chicks. Sometimes it's valid information, sometimes it's total bullshit and sometimes it's a combination of the two. Watch them all and see for yourself. Warning: Explicit Content.

Down Days Play

Traveling offers different things to different people. To the Gudauskas brothers, travel has brought unlikely friends, fascinating stories and a unique knowledge of exotic places all over the planet. They are experts at devouring the road less traveled on a budget. Join Dane, Tanner and Patrick for a cinematic adventure that is both guide and journey, school and summer vacation. This is Down Days.
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