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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dovahkiin's Day Off

970,005 views 2 years ago
I get bored easy. Even in Skyrim. (WHICH IS BLOODY BRILLIANT)

Might be slight spoilers.

Been sitting on this video for a while now, unsure when to upload it. Figured now would be good, though.

Had way too much fun with moving objects around in Skyrim the past couple of days. Here's a lame video of putting baskets on heads, and two other misc. clips.

Might be uploading a Skyrim Let's Play soon if there's an audience for it. Lemme know in the comments!

Edit: Waddaya know, this actually helps with stealing by blocking the view of the AI. Steal away, master thieves!

Oh by the way, all credit goes to my 10 year old sister who showed me this when she first got on the game.

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