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Zoë Hatorlock


329 views 4 days ago
Greetings internet!
An absolutely marvellous thing happened to me over the last week... I found my voice! Wait that makes it sound like my voice is a weird little creature that I've been trying to catch... Oh you know what I mean.
It's not perfect, but I'm infinitely happier and feel like I'm heading in the right direction- and it meant I could record one of the many songs I've written that I've never recorded because I couldn't sing them :P I think this might be the first serious song I've written and put on this channel... then again I have a shocking memory so I don't know. Anyway, I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed recording it (I apologise for the lack of lighting for the last little bit of the video, my computer decided to randomly go to sleep and when I started recording again I forgot to amp up the brightness. I AM THE TECHNOLOGY QUEEN.
p.s. one of the lyrics is supposed to be "gone are the days when I gave you your way" but I think I said "my way".
Oh well.
CAN'T CHANGE IT NOW AHAHAHAhahhaaha *disappears in smoke cloud*
p.p.s lyrics and chords for anyone who's interested:
2nd capo

Em Em Em Em G D Em Em

You just take what you want

But don't give what I need

You think all that I am

is just made to agree

But you don't even know me

No you don't even know me tonight

You're always shifting the blame

Treating us like we're a game

And then you hang around

try to say we think the same

But baby I don't know you

No I don't even know you tonight



C G Em D C G D D

If you think I'm gonna break you're wrong

So get outta my life, come on boy move along

Don't wait on me, don't wait up

If you think I'm coming back you're wrong

Don't need you in my life, cause I am stronger than that

Don't wait on me, don't wait up

Because I'm already gone

Did you think I was less

than you or come to expect that I would

Stay in this mess and live a life of regret

Well that girl isn't me babe no that's not who I am babe tonight

Did you think that because

You smiled at me and a apologised

That everything would go back to where we once stood

Well I am that much wiser yeah I am so much wiser tonight

Am C Em D Am C G D

Gone are the days when I gave you your way

And always put myself last

You better believe I'm not gonna grieve

Cause you're a thing of the past Show less
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