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The Zinic Zone

Zinic Zone Production Logo (2014 - ) Version A

944 views 7 months ago
Welcome to the new logo of the channel for 2014.
The channel is changing in 2014, which means new styles, new imaginations and a new logo!!

The Logo will take effect Jan. 31st, 2014

The logo was changed as one of my family members told me that my logo represented closely to a mathematical symbol of ℤ which means Integers, so I changed it to this design. Sorry the Zs don't look like Zs.

This took 45 minutes to render, yay! Show less
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Mystical J's SpeedArt Collection Play

Since I animate and can't fully put my art skills to the test, I do speedarts to showcase it. I'm a casual amateur artist so this stuff is NO WAY professional. I been drawing for over 12 years now. Enjoy my collage of art videos. If you like the art presented, you can go to my Deviant and download it there.
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