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Zombie Apocalypse Diaries

Zombie Apocalypse Diaries 2.0 Introduction

30 views 1 month ago
I am restarting the show, officially, and it is now addressed to Generation Y and humans, so that we can now more freely talk shit about zombies.

You are the best hope for humanity's survival. And you have a very real chance to take this world for yourselves and to shape it as you see fit. This show will show you how, and more importantly show you why you must if you wish to survive to my age.

Zombies have ruled our world since the dawn of history, and only now can we finally wrest our world from them. To do so you need to learn why, who these people are who rule your life, how they operate, and how you can take the world back from them.

Watch, and learn. I'll try to be as entertaining as possible, but in the beginning it might be a little boring as we catch up on what's going on in your world. Please try to sit through and watch all of the next episode, 19 June 2014, as it reviews all that I understand about the Zombie Apocalypse. I am hoping to get right back into being entertaining, and am doing research to be sure I can.

If you are interested in helping, by all means contact me if you can figure out how to do so.

Enjoy. The future is yours, if you take it. Show less
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