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Zakat on Savings | Zakat.SG

8,044 views 3 years ago
Not sure how to calculate your Zakat on Savings? Watch this video here! For more information, visit http://www.zakat.sg or connect at http://www.facebook.com/zak... Show less
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Online Course: How to Calculate Zakat Play

1) The Wisdom of Zakat
2) Zakat and Sadaqah
3) Haul and Nisab in Zakat
4) The 8 Asnaf in Zakat
5) Zakat Fitrah in Singapore
6) Zakat on Savings
7) Zakat on CPF
8) Zakat on Business
9) Zakat on Gold
10) Zakat on Shares
11) Zakat on Insurance

Kursus Online: Bagaimana untuk Mengira Zakat Play

1) Hikmah Zakat
2) Zakat dan Sedekah
3) Haul dan Nisab dalam Zakat
4) 8 Asnaf dalam Zakat
5) Zakat Fitrah di Simgapura
6) Zakat Simpanan
7) Zakat CPF
8) Zakat Perniagaan
9) Zakat Emas
10) Zakat Saham
11) Zakat Insurans

Weekly Zakat Talks at Masjid Kassim in Ramadan 2011 Play

Learn more about how to calculate your Zakat from Ustaz Mohammad Irwan Shah bin Sudiman from this series of weekly Zakat talks held at Masjid Kassim during the month of Ramadan 2011.
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