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Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu

Kathina Robes Offering Announcement 2014

1,989 views 2 weeks ago
In October, we will be offering robes to Ajaan Tong Sirimangalo for the end of the rains. Our goal is to get enough people together to offer 84 sets of robes. If you would like to join in this auspicious undertaking, please visit:


For more information on our organization, please visit our website:


Note: About the "perk" of putting someone's name on a robe set, we will contact everyone who has selected that perk once the campaign has finished. Don't worry, we have your email addresses. If you don't get such an email, you can contact us via our website to make sure we didn't forget you. Show less
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Dhammapada Play

Series of videos on the Dhammapada, a set of verse teachings of the Buddha, including explanation of the Pali verse, a synopsis of the background story and application of the teaching to our practice.
An introduction to meditation. How to meditate in HD-quality video. Also available as a free DVD:


and as a BitTorrent file:

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