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Is Hopsin YouTube's Biggest Underground Rapper?

11,229 views 12 hours ago
Watch all of the videos from today's ep. http://goo.gl/0iGyWf
YouTube Nation is our daily show that scours the web to help you find great videos weekdays 6pm PT / 9pm ET / 2am GMT / 7:30am IST and Saturday.

Today, YouTube Nation delivers great videos like the guy in the question mark suit, insane freestyle soccer training, Maria Bamford on becoming her mother, and the ill mind of Hopsin.
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Thanks to Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani for being our special guests!
Check out their new Comedy Central show The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail

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Featured in this show:

Matthew Lesko - The Guy in the Question Mark Suit: Profiles by VICE http://goo.gl/0iGyWf
By VICE: http://youtube.com/vice

INSANE Freestyle Soccer Training! Spring Break 2014 | Indi Cowie http://goo.gl/upORdS
By Indi Cowie: http://youtube.com/soccerbola

How Your Body Knows Left From Right http://goo.gl/4DliUb
By It's Okay To Be Smart: http://youtube.com/itsokayt...

Maria Bamford on Becoming Her Mother | The New York Times http://goo.gl/I8XXV2
By The New York Times: http://youtube.com/TheNewYo...
NY Times article: http://goo.gl/DHafv6

Hopsin - ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 7 http://goo.gl/LyYJuU
By Hopsintv: http://youtube.com/Hopsintv

Catch The Train - PARKOUR Style!! http://goo.gl/ucrSjI
By Nils Wilke: http://youtube.com/NilsWilk...

CHVRCHES - Gun http://goo.gl/2izOuS
By ChvrchesVEVO: http://youtube.com/Chvrches...

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Today on YouTube Nation - Is Hopsin YouTube's Biggest Underground Rapper? Play

Today, YouTube Nation delivers great videos like the guy in the question mark suit, insane freestyle soccer training, Maria Bamford on becoming her mother, and the ill mind of Hopsin.

Get to Know Maria Bamford! Play

From cooking to "Star Trek" to mental illness, nothing's off limits when it comes to Maria Bamford's comedy.

The Triumph of Stuart Scott Play

Legendary sportscaster Stuart Scott was diagnosed again with cancer in January 2013. Since then he has inspired and fought for cancer patients, survivors, and their friends and family throughout the years. Last week he was honored with the Jimmy V Award at the ESPYs and gave a powerful speech. He had four surgeries in seven days in the week before the awards. We put together a playlist of his story and words of wisdom.
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