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Yana Reznik

Astor Piazzolla - Adios Nonino Tango played by pianist Yana Reznik on 12"2 long piano

3,209 views 7 months ago
Pianist Yana Reznik performs Astor's Piazzolla's passionate tango on Rubenstein R-371- Designed and built by http://www.rubensteinpianos.... One of the world's largest pianos - 12"2, 2 lid sticks, 1 extra bass octave, tremendous sound.
Film produced by Harry Bromley-Davenport.
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Studio recording on Rubenstein 12"2 piano - one of the largest in the world. Play

One of the largest pianos in the world has been designed and built in Los Angeles by David Rubenstein. www.rubensteinpianos.com. It is 12"2 long, has 2 lid sticks to support the tremendous weight, and 1 extra octave in the bass. The roaring this instrument can produce is mind blowing, so much resonance and power. I could barely see the end of the strings from the piano bench. Harry Davenport masterfully filmed the videos, creating quite an experience for the eyes as well. Please share these videos as we would like to spread the word about this gorgeous piano that is not being played much in a dusty warehouse where it lives in a box. :(. Subscribe to my videos: www.youtube.com/yanareznik. Thank you.

Behind the scenes with Yana Play

Do you wonder what musicians' lives are like? Watch the interviews with other musicians, see what it's like to be on stage in front of hundreds of people clapping, see what I do when I find a piano on the beach on my day off, or practice in a piano store filled with incredible concert grands... and much much more.
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