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יעקב גרוס

Legend in the Dunes - Hebrew + English subtitles

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Legend in the Dunes (AGADA BA-HOLOT) Hebrew + English subtitles
lirics: Yaakov Gross
Music -- Nachum Heiman

Once seashells covered the beach --
Endless sand and blue skies above
The blue sea painted the view - And the
burning sun turned each wave into gold
A hundred years have gone by -
Everything has changed, And across from Jaffa
- A legend grew in the dunes
Tel Aviv celebrates 100 years.
Yaakov Gross
presents in his new documentary film the first
40 years of establishing the biggest Jewish --
Hebrew city in Israel.
The historic story of Tel - Aviv was recorded by
motion picture cameras and films from the
early days of the city exist.
The Film legend in the Dunes follows the
development of the city, it's building in sand
dunes. The founders and builders, and many
cultural personalities, known artists and
creators who settled in the city, giving a new
spirit to the people in Eretz Israel.
At those days it was hard to believe that you
can realize the Zionist dream. Establishing the
first Jewish city was for the founders a 'Jewish
State' in miniature.
The film was produced and directed by Yaakov Gross
In co-operation with:
The Jerusalem Cinematheque - Israel films archives
And Spielberg film Archive at the Hebrew University
Hebrew narator: Moshik Timor Show less
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