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Ryley and Jarley // When I Was Your Man ((Glee)) - Thank you, 100+ Subscribers!

7,662 views 4 months ago
*Please watch in HD 720p to get the best quality!*

Slightly AU: From Jake's POV, he regrets cheating on Marley and is now super jealous that she moved on with Ryder. He hopes that she is happy with him while still missing her everyday.

Note: Yes, I used one Jennoist clip from the FOX Lounge clip they did and that's only because Ryder and Marley have technically only held hands once on the show. So just pretend Blake and Melissa are Ryder and Marley in that moment for the sake of this video.

Plrease do not thumb down just because you hate that Jarley broke up and Ryley may be getting together. I worked hard on this video and regardless of whether or not you like eitrher of these couples, I would like the video to be judged based on my editing skills not the subject content.

After 2 months of editing this video and collecting clips, I am so happy to finally show you all my new music video. As you amy have noticed, I took a break from editing for awhile and finally got the motivation to start again. Ryder, Marley, and Jake with their storyline on Glee and hearing the song, "When I Was Your Man" really inspired me to edit this video. The idea had been in my head for months than they did "Movin' Out" episode with Ryder pursuing Marley after she broke up with Jake and I was super thrilled! Ryder and Marley are my main OTP right now on Glee and I hope we get a moment of them as a couple before the show officially moves to NYC after the 100th episode. I just want some kind of confiramtion that Ryder and Marley are finally together. Honestly, I believe Ryder is the better guy for her. Sorry, Jarley fans! I dedicated this video to the Glee actors, the fans of these couples, and my now over 100 subscribers! Wow, thank you so much for subscribing! Hopefully, I'll be editing more videos to upload soon to kepp you interested and subscribed. Before on previous suspended accounts, I had over 200 subscribers so I hope to get to that point again in the future.

Special thank you to luvtheheaven5 for giving me the constructive feedback I needed to make the fianl edits on this video. I know the pacing may not be 100% perfect but its as close to perfect as it is going to get as I am sick of editing this video to death. Also a thank you to Jasmin aka @JennoistFanpage for giving me feedback from a fan's prospective - thank you so much for the constant support!


Ryder: Marley, will you go out with me?
Marley: Yes

Jake: Well, what do you want me to do?
Marley: I just don't want to be pressured into doing something I don't want to do!
Jake: I mean, I used to stop calling a girl then she would let me into in her pants after six hours.
Marley: Ugh, then go be with one of those girls!

Jake; I did cahnge, I'm not that guy anymore.
Marley: You are, you'll always be that guy.

Jake: I don't want to be with anybody else...
Marley: I love you back.
Jake: ...all I need is you.

Jake: Look, I screwed up. I made a stupid mistake and I wanna make it up to you.

Marley: I need you to be with me and only me.

Jake: You are the only one who can make me a better person, a good person.
Marley: I'm not here to fix you.

Marley: How did you know I love peonies?
Ryder: Because you mentioned it once.
Marley: Thank you. I love them and you.

Ryder: Woah...you look amazing.

Ryder: I've always thought that you were the most amazing girl in the history of the world.

Jake: I miss you every minute of everyday. Show less
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