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[AMV] Treasure

8,085 views 10 months ago
https://vimeo.com/74485765 --- DOWNLOAD & BETTER QUALITY!
(HERE,ON YOUTUBE, THE TIMING IS OFF -.- what a suprise..)

[♂♥♂] Don't like don't watch neither write insulting comments. thanks.
So woah, guys can you belive it?! A full AMV, i'm so proud of myself hahaha.
I rarely find a song that makes me want to make a full video with it. So far it was only the song called Troublemaker (by Olly Murs) and this one. These awesomness ;)
And yeah that's why the [AMV] thingy in the title because now i can call this video an (full) AMV hurraay~
This video is kinda my last work for a while because uni life is starting tomorrow and I move as well and I won't be able to edit -cries- ;w;
Sooo..enjoy :DDDD

Source: Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist, Free!, Karneval, No. 6
Song: Treasure by Bruno Mars ♥ Show less
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