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Tipsheda - Dome

171 views 7 months ago
Hey, it's been a while. sup and merry xmas

Sorry for the lack of uploads in the past 5 months, I've been doing stuff like schoolwork, getting ready for college, and other projects. That's pretty much it. I've still got a lot of music in the works, but I simply haven't been able to finish any of it (you can check out some of my WIP's on my SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/tips... ). Maybe I hit an artist's block; who knows. I also have a laptop now, so my creativity will now be able to flourish and I'll be more easily distracted as well, so that's pretty cool.

Anyways, this song has been in the works for about 3 months now and the pic is something I made with a little help from google images in case anyone was wondering.

Follow me on the Internet:
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/tips...
Bandcamp (downloads available here): tipsheda.bandcamp.com
Facebook.com: https://www.facebook.com/pa...

(Song made using Garageband)
(Video made using CyberLink PowerDirector)
(Pic made using GIMP) Show less
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