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DEATH PIT & BETRAYAL // Minecraft SwagVille [EP1]

301 views 11 months ago
This is the first episode in a Minecraft Let's Play/Series thing. I'm not sure how many of these we will make but I wanted to get back into minecraft so why the hell not start a series with some awesome people!

Anyways I'm playing with the following peeps:
SuperGamerCake - Toby (Swag Magician)
Channel: http://youtube.com/supergam...

ACarrotTree - Jean-Luc
Channel: http://youtube.com/ACarrotTree

Dawnsmith2- Ryliegh
Channel: http://youtube.com/dawnsmith2

This series is dedicated to our Based God Lil B.

Intro Music:
Something I made in FL in like 2 minutes. I used midi from C418's track Wet Hands

Outro Music:
MunkyChunk - Sepia (it's on my soundcloud)

EDIT: I couldn't upload the rest of this due to losing the footage :'C
Ah well I can always make a better series at some point.

My Twitter:
My Soundcloud:
https://soundcloud.com/munk... Show less
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Speed Arts Play

Any speed arts for graphics I have made. Some of these will be for YouTube Channels or some might be random drawings or T-Shirt designs. Might be some website creation speed arts too.
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