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[ N I G H T - T I M E . ]

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✿ Hello everyone! ✿
FAIR WARNING: [This contains nude pixels and incestuous undertones. Viewer discretion is advised.] - If this kind of thing offends/disturbs you, I suggest you take your leave now.

▶ This is my short little MMV I have been working on. (SMMV?) It was supposed to be part of my 'Taboo Effects' MMV series, but... I'm unsure if I'm going to finish it or not.
ANYWAYS, I hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
。TABOO: Incest
。STORYLINE: Black-haired woman (Amelia) and brown-haired man (Ashton) are brother and sister. Amelia has always had a deep affection for her brother. As a child, she thought Ashton was the greatest. However, as Amelia continued to grow older, her affections only grew stronger. Amelia had realized that she no longer loved Ashton as her brother, but that she was in love with him as a man. Amelia had tried to repress the feelings she had for her brother. She obtained a boyfriend (the guy sleeping in her bed), she attended Ashton's wedding (he married and had a daughter), and avoided talking to him as much as possible. One night, Amelia decides she can no longer suppress her desire. She calls out to Ashton and approaches him with her feelings. Much to her surprise, Ashton reciprocates her feelings and the two bind themselves with one another. (For the slow people, this means they had sex.) Feeling relieved, Amelia holds onto Ashton and decides that she will never let him go.
➡ The story was supposed to continue where Amelia's boyfriend finds out and beats the shit out of her, inevitably leaving her. Ashton's wife and daughter never find out, but he has to live with the eternal guilt. In the end, Amelia loses her mind because Ashton refuses to look at her and blames the whole night on 'baseless desire', Amelia is checked into a mental facility months later, and Ashton becomes an empty shell of a human being.
。REASON: There is a reason I decided to do this 'Taboo Effects' MMV series. I was tired of watching all of these romantic/happy MMVs with the same generic, boring storyline and no real substance. Everyone has been making the same fruity MMVs with the same fruity plot and the same fruity characters. Yes, that is what most people in the community like, but I was getting sick and tired of watching the same recycled 'storylines' over and over again. This MMV series was intended to show the 'not-so-nice' side of romance and 'love'. It shows the horrid side; the side that most people choose to ignore. Not everything in this world is 'happy' or 'romantic'. Life can be an awful thing, in fact, it IS an awful thing. Enjoy.
。SONG: Night-Time by The XX
。CREDITS: (Really now?)
Maps - iAreChrisy
Star Sparkles - DontEatMyPiexD
And whatever the hell else needs credit. You know what belongs to you and I know what belongs to me. Thank you. Show less
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