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[HD] RBN2 - Vadrum Meets SMB2 (Custom G/B/D/K v1)

2,344 views 1 year ago
SONG: Vadrum Meets SMB2
ARTIST: Andrea Vadrucci (Vadrum)
GENRE: Instrumental/Rendition
[Requested: --] [Self-Made Chart] [Recorded: 8/5/2012]
[Made by: xBLooDLiNEx808x] [Modified by: --]
*This was authored using the MP3 of the song so the track does not utilized any master stems for authentic gameplay
**This video depicts the 2x Bass Pedal version of the song

You all must be wondering why I was MIA for a while. I have been working on other projects over the past weeks and never had the time to do work on these customs. What projects you say? I started producing classical/electronic music and have been doing some graphic designing for special occasions. So there will be times where I would be inactive on YouTube. But that doesn't mean I haven't stopped making charts, its just that I will be uploading videos at a slower pace. I have completed these charts so far (but don't expect videos of them soon):

These songs will be available for download in just a moment.
I apologize for the long wait but I'm just too busy. This is all I could put up. Enjoy :) ALSO, I will start providing CON files for those that can't afford Audition Mode, my treat.
*They will be deleted when I put songs on the RBN/if requested for removal
**You can do whatever you want with them. Just please, DON'T SELL these. I give these RBA files for all of you to play and have fun. Also be glad these are free.

Go here to check all of the custom projects that are completed or currently in works (It is constantly updated):

Like Us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/Bl...
► Wanna give it a try?
Download Link: "If made official, the link to the files will be removed"
RBA: http://www.mediafire.com/do... (v1)
CON: http://www.mediafire.com/do... (v1)

*This chart has been tested and reviewed on Audition
*Chart updated as of (August 5, 2012) [v1] Show less
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