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WWF International

Saving Tigers

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Tigers are endangered. There are as few as 3,200 left in the wild! Find out how you can help us DOUBLE tiger numbers by 2022! http://panda.org/doubletigers

On 29 July 2014, we'll be celebrating these amazing animals all over the world. And over the next few days, YOU can help us raise awareness of some of the ways we're working towards doubling their numbers.

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Climate Change Play

Humanity is facing the biggest threat to our planet. We must act now.The good news is that we can slow climate change before it becomes too dangerous to manage. We just need to change our habits and switch to clean and efficient energy.

Camera traps Play

Camera traps help us to uncover invaluable information about rare species and their habitats, which we can then use to ensure that they are effectively protected. For example, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra camera traps are being used to help conduct surveys that will provide a map of tiger territory in Sumatra's lowland rainforest. These maps let us know where tigers live while providing crucial information to share with local governments when making land-use decisions, such as what forests most need to be protected from logging or from conversion to agriculture.

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