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Jack Heath

REPLICA, by Jack Heath (trailer)

127 views 1 week ago
Chloe's memories have been erased. All she knows is she's imprisoned in the basement of a girl who looks exactly like her.

Who is her captor? What does she want? Chloe is running out of time. She's in more danger than she realises, and nothing is as it seems...

A smart, action-packed YA thriller from the award-winning author of MONEY RUN and THE LAB. Show less
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Trailers for current and upcoming books by Jack Heath.

The Jack Heath Chronicles Play

The story of my life, as documented by Justin Bush, Ryan Kerlin, Warren Coulton, Laura Fisher, Peter Grieg, and Damien Larkins. The Chronicles appear here courtesy of Broken Bush Fims, Men of the Hour, and jackheath.com.au.
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