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World CP Day

World CP Day 2014

605 views 3 months ago
Change My World in 1 minute - World Cerebral Palsy Day!

There's no one better than you to change the world, for people with cerebral palsy (CP). You know what you need to make your world better. So tell us - tell the whole world!

Visit the WorldCPday.com website from Tuesday 22 July to Friday October 31 2014 and post your idea to change the world for people with cerebral palsy. The idea can be in text or video and take just 1 minute to read or view.

Share your idea with friends and encourage them to vote throughout the month of October. The idea with the most votes will win a $US 500 People's Choice Award.

At the end of the campaign, we'll shortlist 3 ideas and ask social activists, researchers, inventors and innovators to create prototypes to make the ideas come to life!

So make the world a better place, if not for yourself, for others. It only takes 1 minute. Show less
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