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Cabinet Meeting Play

The Council by law is required to have a Cabinet and has chosen the "Leader and Cabinet" model.

The Cabinet is not a Committee and does not have to be open to the public or be politically balanced.

The Council appoints (and can remove) the Leader, who is responsible for appointing and allocating responsibilities to Cabinet members.

Full Council Meeting Play

All councillors meet together as the County Council. Meetings of the County Council are normally open to the public. Here Councillors decide the County Council's overall policy framework and set the budget each year. The County Council is also responsible for electing the Leader of the Council and the other members of the Cabinet and for establishing the other committees and panels, some of which are responsible for assisting in policy development and reviewing the decisions of the Cabinet, while others have statutory non-executive responsibilities to discharge. Other members of the Council are able to ask questions of key members of the Cabinet. Members of the public may participate by presenting a petition, asking a question or making a comment. There is also provision for a state of the county and key issues debates to be held, which will include the participation of external speakers, organisations and the public.

Planning and Regulatory Committee Play

Certain matters cannot by law be dealt with by the Cabinet. Apart from those reserved to the full Council, these are in the main planning, licensing and regulatory functions.

The Planning and Regulatory Committee will carry out the planning, Public Rights of Way and other licensing, registration and regulatory functions which cannot be the responsibility of the Cabinet.
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