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Bill Fernie

Charge Of The Highlanders At Noss Head, Caithness

4,318 views 5 years ago
This Highland charge was a tiny part of the afternoon at Noss Head Lighthouse in Caithness, Scotland held on Saturday 1st August 2009.

Battlescar Entertainment provide very authentic re-enactments of scenes from Scottish History. They travel all over Scotland making history much more in your face than books. Along with great demonstration they explain how battles went and how the various weapons and other implements were used. All of this is delivered with great humour and back chat from the cast of soldiers. Audience members are often recruited to have a go.
We were told that the Redcoats could fire three rounds a minute but the Highlanders covered the 60 metres range in 12 - 15 seconds even on rough ground and if the Redcoats fired all their shots at once the Highlanders would be on them with savage consequences. Seeing this at close hand you could believe it.
Battlescar can be found at www.battlescarweb.co.uk Show less
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