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Portrait - Darkness Forever

1,273 views 10 months ago
Portrait - Darkness Forever
"Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae" 2011
Metal Blade Records

Joel Pälvärinne - Bass
Per Karlsson - Vocals
Richard Lagergren - Guitars
Christian Lindell - Guitars
Anders Persson - Drums


Bones feed their fires, and as day turns to night, I am travelling worlds beyond matter. Where all boundaries blur and concede, and where darkness forever conceal. A flame rising higher, and a chill down my spine. It has woken again now within me. Sense the Serpent that leads me down there, where their shadows bring light to my lair.
Scorching emptiness, Lightbringing forces beyond. Permeate my self. Shine through me thy son!
World of unrest, now I kiss thee goodbye. I shall journey alone with the night. See the beckoning creatures draw near. They are moving in widdershins manner. Worldless communion with the givers of sight, showing light in the furthest dim black. Oh, what is it that's closing in there? It is turning in widdershins manner.
Where most men never tread, my quest has only just begun. To question my false limits, and gaze forever far beyond.
Darkness forever shall guide my path. In confusion I no longer walk. Though I only see strangers around me, still I know that the fatherland breeds forever, and that I shall deny all the blind men of the status quo. For my fate can be changed through my will, as the movement of light now I still.
Waves of otherness, lifetaking stormy beyond. Swallow everything. Blaze, oh Morningstar! Show less
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