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Wheelock College

Inspire and Improve the World at Wheelock College

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http://pixvid.me/WheelockStory Wheelock College has been changing the world through its dedicated and talented students and faculty for more than 125 years. Lucy Wheelock, an innovator in the education field, first opened Wheelock College in Boston in 1888.

Lucy believed that studying children and teaching early childhood education would strengthen families and truly help the world. Wheelock students, faculty, and community members have helped share this vision across New England, the United States, and more than 35 countries worldwide.

We've told you our story, and now we would like to hear yours! Tell us what you have done to improve your town, state, or even the world!

Your story will appear on My Story, a new section of the Wheelock website that showcases the successes of Wheelock community members.

Click on the link above to share your story and make a difference in the lives of others! Show less
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Hear from Wheelock Students Play

Hear what Wheelock students have to say about their experiences in class, on campus, in the community and the work place.

Wheelock College is an intimate learning community where you can be challenged and supported by professors who are practitioners in their fields and are committed to teaching and mentoring the next generation of professionals, advocates and leaders to change the world.

We are a private, co-ed college offering a comprehensive array of undergraduate and graduate programs. Our undergraduate programs include the Arts and Sciences, Child Life, Education, and Social Work. Our graduate professional programs include Child Life, Education (Elementary and Special Education and Early Childhood), Language and Literacy, Social Work, Organizational Leadership and Educational Studies.

Wheelock Student Created Videos Play

Wheelock College is the place for students who want to change their world and improve the lives of children and families through their careers as leaders, advocates, and professionals.

See what our student population -- nearly 1,000 undergrads and almost 500 grad students -- are all about in these videos.
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