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Video Auditions for The Bunyip Movie Play

Come and share the scare with us!

CASTING UPDATE from Denby & Miri:

Wow - Denby & I are feeling INCREDIBLY honoured & inspired by the talent, passion & creative "YOU" that all of our actors put into their online auditions. It's a scary thing to go public with something so personal as your first interpretation of a character and we wanted to acknowledge each and every one of you for´╗┐ the COURAGE you have shown. Together we have gathered more than 3500 views - what amazing publicity for the film and each other - it shows that you guys are willing to go all the way!

We've had a full week of call backs for FREDDY, CHILI & BRIDGITTE. The commitment, emotional access & choices brought to the casting call was extraordinary. However, three actors came and inhabited the characters in a way that we could not go past... We're thrilled to let you know that we now have a full ensemble. We will be announcing our cast on the website soon - please subscribe to the blog and facebook to keep up to date with the production. And thank you again for your courageous work.


If you love the idea of KILLER BUNYIPS on the Big Screen, then help us get this film made - donate to our crowdfunding:
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