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Motion Media Production (BA) @ Webster Vienna - Private University

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Communication Is In Motion.

In 2014 a new major starts at Webster University Vienna.
Motion Media Production offers a systematic and thorough approach to master the craft, theory and aesthetics of the field. Early in the program you learn about the history and current situation in the audiovisual industry and about new trends in communication. You will also develop and execute your own projects. Required courses are structured so you can complete them within three years.

As you progress through the program you can focus on different areas of interest and use media crossovers to carry out individual projects or become part of creative collaborations. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows you to explore a variety of production areas, ranging from narrative to documentary, artistic and commercial productions. You study in English, the global language of communication in academia and in the industry.

The courses offered give you the theoretical background necessary for an understanding of what the field of visual communication is all about. You also have many hands-on opportunities to work with latest technology. You edit in a lab using advanced software and raw-file workflow. You also become familiar with 3D computer animation and motion capture.

Motion Media Production (BA)
at Webster Vienna - Private University:
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