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WILD WILD WEST : The 2013 JK-Experience Trailer

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Starting in Hurricane, Utah, and ending up in South Lake Tahoe, California, the 2013 Off Road Evolution JK-Experience presented by Nitto Tire was designed to be one of the most demanding excursions to date. Covering almost 1,000 miles of America's wild west, in just seven days and approximately half of them being all off road, this trip would prove to be an adventure of a lifetime that would push our components to the limit, and those of our gas tanks too. A full feature length film highlighting all the fun we had will be coming your way soon!

More than just a Jeep, it's a way of life!

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HEARTLAND : The 2012 JK-Experience - 3 Part Series Play

Born and raised in Southern California, our idea of off-roading has always been about exploring the wide open desert, high mountain peaks and crawling over big rocks. Of course, there is really is so much more to off-roading than just that and, thanks to Off Road Evolution's JK-Experience, presented by Nitto Tire, we got a chance to experience for ourselves how the Heartland of America plays!

KEEP IT TIGHT: JK-Experience Colorado - 4 Part Series Play

For one week during the month of September, 22 Jeep JK Wranglers from around the country and from as far as Canada, gathered in the state of Colorado to traverse almost 1,000 miles though the breathtaking Rocky's, explore famous historic mining towns and, take on some of the most challenging off-road trails that can be found anywhere. This is the Off Road Evolution JK Experience Rocky Mountain Run, presented by Falken Tire, and this is the story of the Jeepers who came looking for an adventure and found what it means to "KEEP IT TIGHT".

RUBICON : A Legendary Jeep Trail - 3 Part Series Play

The night before our 2010 Project-JK Rockin Rubicon Trail Run, I asked my friend Tom why he wanted to run this trail and he casually responded that "if you want to be an accomplished four wheeler, there are a few places in this world you have to go and one is the Rubicon." Crossing through the El Dorado National Forest up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Rubicon Trail is truly one of the most beautiful ones I've been on bar none. Of course, its unrelenting 22 miles of boulders that need to be crawled, steep ledges that need to be climbed, narrow trees that need to be squeezed between, deep muddy water crossings that need to be forded and tippy off camber terrain that needs to be carefully negotiated is ultimately what makes the Rubicon Trail so legendary and famous around the world.

Originally made as a single half hour video, RUBICON : A Legendary Jeep Trail & Off-Road Adventure has been broken down into a 3 part series, each approximately 10 minutes long and so that it could be broadcasted on YouTube.
More than just a trail, Moab is a destination. It's what many like to refer to as, "the promised land." It's a beautiful off-roading paradise, sculpted out of red rocks and with breathtaking views every which way you look. And, it's a place that most Jeepers hope to make a pilgrimage to at least once in their life.

Originally completed as a single 1 hour film, MOAB : Pilgrimage to the Promised Land, has been broken down into a 6 part series and documents the week long pilgrimage we made with our friends to attend the Easter Jeep Safari back in 2010.
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