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video of the bird room: conures, mini macaws, african greys, and a ringneck alexandrine parakeet

4,972 views 3 years ago
The entire flock except for the parrotlets who are in another room. The crimson bellied conures and the sun conures wait for me on the screen, while the mini macaws are playing on the boing and jollyballs. We just cleaned and changed the paper and it stayed clean for about 5 minutes. There is also some vid of Ajax the African grey and Olive the Alexandrine Parakeet on the mango foraging station. Show less
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The Flock Play

Here are videos of our birds. There are 11 birds. The birds are Fred and Sheldon (2 crimson bellied conures), Udo and Lucy (2 Sun Conures - Lucy is a red factor sun), Penny (Yellow Collar Macaw) Sherlock (Hahns Macaw), Angie and Ajax (2 Congo African Grey Parrots) Olive (Ringneck Alexandrine Parakeet), Georgette, a Pacific Parrotlet (She is a lutino mutation), and Tyler (Green Rump Parrotlet)
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