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Job Hunters - S1 Ep 1: Safe House

98,007 views 2 years ago
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Four new recruits enter the safe house and are faced with the dark reality of the job placement program.

*This is episode 1 of the web series "Job Hunters" - please click "next episode" at the end of this video and continue along the journey of our new recruits!

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Job Hunters is: a Seattle-based web series set in the near future, where college graduates must fight (potentially to the death) to be placed by the MAEWIN corporation into careers. With a pass-rate of about 20%, this process is also a form of population control. During their time at MAEWIN, recruits fight in an arena from 9-5 — while the rest of their time is their own (provided they stay in the MAEWIN-run Safe Houses). Our series follows a particular set of Job Hunters as they deal with adjusting to life in the Safe Houses, dealing with roommate issues, as well as sorting through feelings of their own impending doom. Show less
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