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WantMoreDnB - Neurofunk Trailer

3,153 views 1 year ago
For those who know nothing about the channel: Welcome,

I produce neurofunk mixes, (sometimes liquid-dnb mixes), fantasy music compilations and occasionally upload random gaming nonsense.
I also upload clips of forthcoming, unsigned, free, or freshly released neurofunk, liquid, experimental, techstep, dubstep, electro, ambient, glitch hop and neurohop tunes.

If you are interested in any of the content mentioned above, you probably know what to do and don't need me telling you.

Things that you will see here if you subscribe:

• Weekly / bi-weekly mixed neurofunk content with detailed tracklists, usually followed by a free download link after a couple of days
• Clips of unsigned or freshly released tunes including any release info I can find, as well as the social networking links of the artist (and label if there is)
• Tunes that are available for free download, including a link to get the track, and the social networking links of the artist
• Compilations of my favorite gaming / movie / series music pieces, usually every one or two months

Things you will never see here:

• Annotations begging for likes / favorites / subscribes
• Annotations redirecting you to other videos
• Advertisements on mixes
• Videos about goats
This is probably a longer list, but you get the point :)

For already subscribers:

Thanks for the continuous support and kind comments, you guys keep me going!
Sorry for taking up your sub box with this probably useless video, but YouTube apparently thinks this trailer thing will 'reach out' to the people who don't already know the channels.

DAYYUM look at dat wall of text -.-

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All of my uploaded neuro mixes in one playlist

Unsigned / Forthcoming / Free Clips and Tunes Play

Clips and tracks that producers or record labels sent me directly, or that are free downloads uploaded with permission.

Fantasy Music Play

Compilations of my favourite gaming, movie and tv series soundtrack pieces.

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All of my uploaded liquid mixes in one playlist
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