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Senescence * VFX Animation

4,507 views 1 year ago
Also an intro made for :


Overall probably my best work so far, spent a lot of time making this right. Anyway, here's how i did it :

Cinema 4D :

Well first of all ,i did not model this, the model was given to me. I just rigged it and animated it, once i had the animation down, i used TurbulenceFD to generate the flames, pretty basic settings as far as TFD goes, just messed around mainly around Turbulence Intensity to get the flame curls i was looking for.

The tricky part was the render settings for TFD , i did not use smoke at all, just the fire shader. In the fire shader i set the Opacity to 0.3 which gave me a more transparent look ( and also more highlights ). Made my own custom gradient with blue-ish tones (obviously), this is something you have to play with until you make it right.

After Effects :

Once everything was set in C4d, jumped into AE . Not much to say here, used a 4-color gradient for the main background colors, then i used Particular to generate the clouds ( a lot of tutorials on this if you just google it ). But basically you take a smoke stock image, and use that as a particle texture . Most of the work was spent here simply fine-tuning the colors, composition and all that . Also i tracked a light in C4D to the mesh and then imported that light and camera in AE and used it as an emitter to generate additional particles for the eagle.

Alright guys, hope that helped PEAAAAAAACE


Cinema 4d ( + TurbulenceFD )
After Effects ( + Particular, Optical Flares )


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