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The Poltergeist Diaries

14,784 views 8 months ago
The Poltergeist Diaries features a mans life plagued with Poltergeist Activity. Stay by stay he captures shocking Paranormal Events. He is now stuck in a metaphysical power struggle for his sanity and life.

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Real Alien Footage Caught On Tape 2012. In 1987 A Mexican officer received the following footage from a secret military base located in the United States.

Our informant revealed that Mexico abides by an Information Exchange Protocol which formally grants neighboring governments the authority to secretly solicit and exchange sensitive information regarding celestial beings, space travel, and extraterrestrial technologies.

According to our sources this video and others like it were filmed in a military base called G13. A staging facility where alien beings are tested for light sensitivity, reflexes, intelligence and brain activity. In this clip scientists conduct auditory tests on what appears to be an extraterrestrial being.

More videos are being processed and will be uploaded soon.

Our informant maintains anonymity

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Poltergeist caught on tape. Philip Shapiro claims his wife and home are possessed by demons or poltergeists. When Philip contacted me in April 2007, he was exhausted, disturbed and frightened. Colleagues suggest Marry Shapiro was mentally ill, I strongly believe her behavior is due to Paranormal Activity a poltergeist or demon possession. Philip was instructed by Dr Von Koeslter to document an natural phenomenon occurring in his home. Now released to the public in this "ghost caught on tape" phenomenon.
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