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Badministrator - Legendary Status

439,891 views 8 months ago
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Beat: Got to Make It - Stu Bangas

I got a thing for skins, don't even try to hide it
Feel that pull from within my bank account goes straight to Riot
I see a skin I buy it, I'm legendary status
Cruise around the rift I'm looking crisp, my wins are automatic
Cause I got skin advantage, hit the load screen and I make'm worry
Even if I random my fandom ensures that you're default skin is never worthy
My ladies extra curvy, my blitz is extra nerdy
But you're not sure it's him last Halloween I spent like thirty
But it's fine in my mind cause it could be worse
Every single skin that I own is worth, pick a ninja chick dress her like a nurse
Sheriff Cait protect and serve, bet you didn't know that Singed can surf
Catch a gnarly wave from Koi Nami, undertaker Yorick bring the hearse
I'm always first to make a purchases of the new releases
Bought corporate Mundo now a CEO goes where he pleases
You know I'm never feeding, press buttons when I'm healing
So many quarters game over's something you won't be seeing
But you just might get eaten, and I'll do it politely
offer you a spot of tea and a spot in my gut we're serving champion nightly
My god that skin was pricey, but it fits him so nicely
Only used it once or twice then I bought Battlecast don't tell my wife please
She thinks I'm addicted or just a dick didn't pay attention cause
I was in game and roleplaying a super relaxed deaf man
Back in the day I said this game is free and she said play it
But now she's Fifth age Taric telling me the bill's truly outrageous

I'm back got enough skins I could probably write a hundred verses
Burn the rift with Tibbers and Annie but you know I reverse it
That giant bear is so funny dressed like a little munchkin
And Annie's cute as a button dressed up like Teddy Ruxpin
Ask Badmin what's your Lux skin? That's a trick question son
Cause I went to the shop one day and I stayed 'til I purchased every single one
That giggle so much fun as a witch a commando or a spellthief
WIth all these skins I own people think that I must be nuts or wealthy
But the truth is I got two jobs, supplement with donations
Sickness so wicked that I'm writing this song on vacation
And when I'm Twisted Fating, PaX skin make kids so jealous
Only 400 on eBay can't believe someone would sell it
My Jax can't keep you well lit, got a cardboard tube for a weapon
My Teemo flies like Superman so best watch where you're stepping
Played Brand to Elo heaven, that Zombie armageddon
Rift Walking Dead suspense so high that you could cut the tension
With a knife, my knife chick take you out the game with a red card
Fed harder than Gragas at Oktoberfest you know I get large
My thoroughbred got no head, but I still play it real smart
And if I'm feeling weird pick a rainbow horned freakshow, press start
And Charge, and you know that I can't be slowed when i dive
cause I hit the Ragnarock and dull the pain with a case of Graggy Ice
This song sounds braggy right but take it as a lesson
Can't pay my bills again I think I need an intervention Show less
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