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Badministrator - Ghost in the Machine (Blitzcrank/Orianna Tribute)

109,072 views 2 weeks ago
Download Link (#55): http://badmin.trinityforcep...

Thanks for all the love on the last song. I wanted to try something different and a little more mainstream for a change of pace. I'm not a fan of autotune in general but it seemed appropriate here. People who watch my stream will know this song has been in progress for a very long time. Hopefully you like it, let me know what you think in the comments either way.

Twitch Stream: http://twitch.tv/lol_badmin...

I'm in the bush while you push and I'm stalking
'cause I'm 'bout to hook so I'm talking like hawking
Gonna grab anyone crossing my path
if your walking your ass getting snatch by the claw kid
Bashed by drawn fist, it's the last straw when you last hit
Blast this grip, detach at the wrist
Crank up and blitz
master of draft the pick fact is the match in the bag like it's fixed
Pack up and hit the bricks, hit the skids
Gold robot making hits and I don't quit
Mr. blitz, splittin ribs, ridiculous
Stacking chips, put a marksman on a scholarship
I'm King Blitz laughing straight to the bank with this
I bring wins every lane 'cause I'm blanking kids
I'm a myth, I'm a legend
and you can tell Viktor and Stanwick I gave myself sentience
Got a pension for tension
I reckon that I'm wreckin every champ, next command do a
Spanish dance, hand over hand when the god hand lands
Machine over man when you plan bans
Call me the minivan I carry whole teams
like a soccer mom hit the shock bomb silence all screams
I got science in my genes, and when you try to
dive my guys in the back line time to intervene
The magic calls to me, I'm overhauled with speed
Your down fall is greed, the hook is all we need
to get a pick, win a team fight, sick land a clean right
See the steam machine, feel the sheen bite
Team gonna delight in me getting mean with the left right ignite
Try to run but you misskite
now you're stuck in a fist fight
Every megabyte overclocked just to rock your life

We're more than the sum of our parts
forged in a lab but we got heart
Breaking the wall, more than we seem
There's a ghost in the machine
The AI incredibly smart
Built to be state of the art now
Having a ball, powered by steam
There's a ghost in the machine

Birthed from a dads hurt, clad in a cast skirt
Craft in a lab and I'm drafted to slap nerds
back on the map with a quick word, ticks heard
Ravage command is attack, feel a quick surge
You send an alert, need a decoy
Metal Geppetto, I carve up a real boy
Clockwork tempo, shriek hear the echo
Shockwave, airflow, breathe in, let go
Time ticks away, they shatter and break
The way that they scream feels so strange
Lifeless bodies in need of a winding
a key for their slots not some thing I'm finding
It's very exciting, the bodies are piling
A sight in the lighting I'm shiny inviting
I'm having a ball while I'm fighting
there's no sense in hiding the orb granting sight to my eye things
I try things no robot ever pulled off
One rule, crush fools, tougher than Asimov
Like glass, you're flawed, you're all trash, you're frauds
And when I cast you're gone, a pile of flesh and cloth
I don't rest or pause, don't take breath because
I got death to cause, I grab my pet and cross
over the river I came to deliver
an orb made of blades to the face of critter
I litter the ground with bodies, favorite of hobbies
Make no mistake, all this bot sees is targets and carnage
hard hits and scarred lids, armed with a sphere
and I'm here just to harm kids
Fear and alarm, brave but you flee still
logic unequaled by feelings and free will
emotions your downfall oh so frequently
Humans - "they come apart so easily" Show less
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