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I lost 64 pounds!

431 views 4 months ago
Jose Gonzalez weighed 292 pounds with high blood pressure, diabetes and liver problems. Find out how Jose' lost 64 pounds and got his health back on track. Show less
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Quad-sparing Knee Replacement Play

Virtua offers minimally invasive surgeries that reduce blood loss and trauma to the surrounding tissues. In addition, many Virtua physicians use the quad-sparing method for total knee replacement. This practice removes the need to cut the quadriceps tendon and enhances a faster return to normal activities.

The advantages to minimally invasive surgery include:

Smaller incisions
Decreased blood loss
Shorter recovery time
Faster return to normal activities

Virtua Community Teammates Play

Virtua and The Philadelphia Flyers partner together to honor those who are truly outstanding members of the community.

Exuberan by Virtua Play

Reverse the clock, Renew the body. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has proven to relieve symptoms of menopause in women and andropause in men, restoring lost vitality due to age-related hormone changes.

Holly's Kitchen Play

Holly Sleppy cooks up delicious meals with Virtua nutrition specialists in this wonderful series that will improve the quality...and the taste...of your meals.

On Location! Play

Join Joe and Grace as they go behind the scenes and explore various Virtua facilities with star employees.
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