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Virgin Holidays

Florida Uncovered

317,645 views 3 months ago
Florida Uncovered: the ultimate guide to Florida. Created for you, by you.

Here's the ultimate scoop on Florida with a cherry on top. You made it. No wonder it's amazing. It's full of your tips, snaps and videos showing the very best of the sunshine state, when you're not around.

When you've watched, find out more about these incredible destinations. You might even honour them with a visit. Click here for more info: http://bit.ly/1cVuvAH Show less
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Give Me a Break Play

Give Me A Break: Four comedians. Four holidays. Fans decide what they do.

Give Me A Break sent Shappi Khorsandi to South Africa, Ellie Taylor on a cruise to Barbados, Justin Moorhouse to Sri Lanka, and Danny Wallace to the Deep South, USA. Who decided what they got up to? You lot.

So, did you make them or break them? Find out by watching the full episodes on our Youtube channel now.

And afterwards, find out more about these amazing destinations. You might even decide to grace them with your presence: http://bit.ly/1dkP61l

Give Me a Break - Deep South, USA Play

Danny Wallace goes Deep South, USA.

Give Me A Break sent Danny Wallace to the Deep South in the good ol' US of A. You lot had him rockin' and rollin' all over Memphis, Nashville and Atlanta. But can he swing his hips like Elvis?

Find out by watching his episode. If you find yourself whistling Dixie, shuffle over to http://bit.ly/1emp8Yq to find out more about the Deep South. Elvis may have caused a stir, but you haven't rocked up yet.

Give Me a Break - South Africa Play

Shappi Khorsandi unleashes her mojo in South Africa

Give Me A Break threw Shappi Khorsandi to the lions in South Africa. Not literally. We're not like that. But we did leave her to the mercy of you lot, who voted to create her itinerary.

Watch the episode to see what you made her 'endure'. If you like what you see about South Africa, you'd better pop over to http://bit.ly/1e7eILw to find out more about it. With your charm, you'll be taming those lions in no time.

Give Me a Break - Caribbean Play

Ellie Taylor. A comedian in the Caribbean.

Give Me A Break popped Ellie Taylor on a nice plush boat and waved her off to the Caribbean. Our lovely voters then decided what she got up to. We know she's funny, but can she limbo?

Find out by watching her episode. If you like what you see, and feel that a Caribbean cruise would float your boat, pop over to http://bit.ly/1h6NpFl to find out more about our ones. You'll make waves the moment you step aboard.

Give Me a Break - Sri Lanka Play

It's Justin Moorhouse in the house. In Sri Lanka.

Give Me A Break shipped Justin Moorhouse off to Sri Lanka. In a plane, not a tea chest. Our voters then took care of his itinerary. What did he get up to? Did he survive the Tuk Tuk ride? Did he get all Zen in a temple?

Find out by watching his episode. If you like what you see, and fancy your own Sri Lanka sojourn, jump on over to http://bit.ly/1dnFIda to find out more.
Sri Lanka wouldn't trade the chance to meet you for all the tea in China.
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