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Flowers Of Hell

Flowers Of Hell - Muchomůrky Bílé / Destroying Angel (Plastic People, Garáž, Půlnoc cover)

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To download as a free mp3, visit (chcete-li stáhnout jako mp3 zdarma): http://soundcloud.com/flowe...

After the Russians rolled their tanks into Prague in 1968, experimental rock was banned and the musicians took to holding illegal gatherings in the countryside, where the fans and groups risked heavy persecution from the communist state in order to attend shows like this 1974 one. For the full history of underground music in communist Czechoslovakia, see: http://www.furious.com/perf...

Vocals (zpěv): Ivo Pospíšil & Tamara Kubová
Musical performance (hudební vystoupení): The Flowers Of Hell
Written by (napsal): Mejla Hlavsa (music/hudba) & Egon Bondy (lyrics/text)
Footage (záběry): Emil Voráč, Ivo Pospíšil archiv + Holly Thomas & Ian Mosby
Editing (editace): Jeff Scheven
Track recorded & mixed by Peter Moore & Greg Jarvis.
Vocals recorded by Jan P. Muchow.
Produced by Greg Jarvis

From the forthcoming Flowers Of Hell covers album 'Odes'. (Z nadcházejících Flowers Of Hell alba "Odes") http://www.facebook.com/The...

Muchomůrky Bílé/Destroying Angel (poisonous white mushrooms)
A man of desperation
Slowly goes insane
White toadstools
I will gather
In the woods

Oh-ho-ho-ho, Oh-ho-ho-ho

White toadstools
Whiter than the snow
I dream they'll end
My need for tenderness

Oh-ho-ho-ho, Oh-ho-ho-ho

I won't wake up in this world
But maybe in the next
White toadstools
I will gather
In the summer

Oh-ho-ho-ho, white toadstools
Oh-ho-ho-ho, white toadstools Show less
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