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Explainer Video for Web Video Marketing

14,128 views 1 year ago
Find out more about our Explainer Videos: http://vidadbox.com/explainer/
We make absolutely awesome explainer videos.

Investment in your video marketing is wasted without generating new prospects. VidAdBox suggests an effective optimization package to generate more targeted traffic to your business. In addition to posting your video on YouTube, we can also deploy this valuable
content through multiple media channels to increase your exposure. This way you will connect with new customers wherever they are searching. Video has unique benefits when it comes to engaging your targeted prospects.

The use of video related marketing can generate much better exposure compared to that generated by regular website marketing using more traditional techniques. In fact, current research indicates that US online users make extensive use of Video Search. YouTube is now the 2nd largest Search Engine after Google. Google has also started to return video results on its regular webpage searches. If a company is the only one to "own" a specific niche or 'long tail' key phrase results with video content, they have a good chance to be on the first page of a regular Google search. This has incalculable value and represents one of the most realistic ways that most small business can expect to get free (non paid) page one results in Google at the national level. Of course, when Google returns a video result, it also
includes a thumbnail of the video which means that even although the link may not be at the top of the page, a much higher percentage of people will click on it because of the image.

To create a successful Explainer Video, you will need to produce a high quality 60 to 90 second long animation or live content with a compelling 'call to action' at the end. Add some music into the mix to make the video engaging and dynamic. You should also try to create a
strong presentation using a process whereby you demonstrate the Features, Advantages and Benefits to your prospective customers. In other words, you not only explain what kind of services and products your site offers, but also outline the key benefits your visitors can

Your video should then be optimized for online exposure in a somewhat similar way as a website. In addition you can also take advantage of the Social aspects of YouTube, including, Likes, Subscribers and Comments. Another way to get wide exposure for your video is to submit it to the other major video websites so that the associated keywords,
meta tags, and categories can be listed in these video hosting sites.

Online Explainer Video marketing is constantly evolving and so your approach will need to change with the times. The summary above represents just a few of the current 'best practices' on how to get the most out of your online Local Business promotion, but your
techniques will need to evolve as new online marketing options emerge.

Find out more on the outstanding videos we create for our clients at VidAdBox. Once you have your video we can suggest many effective ways to get additional exposure for your new video contnet. Check us out at: www.VidAdBox.com

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