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Superpower for Hire - Presented by Call of Duty® (Trailer)

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At the start of the Iraq war in 2003, for every ten U.S. soldiers there was one private military contractor.

By 2007 there were more private contractors on the ground in Iraq than actual U.S. soldiers.

This is the story of the rise of the PMC.

To find out more about this new modern world of mercenaries, VICE sent correspondent Jedd Thomas around the world, from Venezuela to Abu Dhabi, England to Washington DC, getting a soldier's eye view of what the future of warfare is shaping up to be. Meeting with the likes of Blackwater's founder and former CEO Erik Prince, Executive Outcome's Simon Mann, PMC Sniper Instructors, current private military contractors, and journalists P.W. Singer, David Sanger and Robert Pelton, Jedd dives deep into this often unexplored world of the PMC and discovers their tactics, daily lives, motivations and often contradictory views.

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