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Veterinarians On Call

How farm animals survive exposure to severe Midwest weather

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On the coldest days of Minnesota winters, if a person's outside for more than five minutes, they're at risk of frostbite. But how about farm animals, how are they protected? With constant care from farmers and veterinarians.

In this Vets On Call story, Dr. Amber Hazel of Worthington, Minnesota, drives to visit three farm clients and examine baby calf and piglet patients. She explains the risks are even greater for younger, smaller animals. "They lose a lot more heat than adults," she says. Raising and caring for animals in barns reduces risks not only for caretakers but for animals too. "They need to be sheltered and kept warm. A barn provides an easy way for us to constantly check on them."

In a region at risk of severe subzero temperatures that can last weeks at a time, Dr. Hazel shows the importance of providing warm housing and increased calories. The barns are just as important in the summer when record highs can simmer into the 100s.

"I have an understanding and grasp that those animals will end up on a dinner plate someday, but that's all the more reason I need to be involved," says Dr. Hazel. "I need to ensure each animal has good welfare throughout its entire life, that's important to me and I took an oath to uphold that."

Vets On Call is presented by Zoetis, and features vets on the job and their clients across the U.S. who volunteered to be filmed.

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