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Veku786 Channel Trailer 1080p HD

43,289 views 1 year ago
New Comers: Greetings new fellow. How are you? I like to welcome you to my channel. Here you will find all kinds of Dragon Ball Z Budokai series related mods ranging from Budokai 1 to Infinite World. I can even mod Budokai Tenkaichi 3. I have the idea to upload a new video every week. Hit that subscribe button if you want to keep an update of what I will unfold next week. Have a great day ( 0_0 )7.

Old Comers: Hey guys. I know I haven't a lot of videos lately but it was due to my exams. But as soon as they finished, I just rushed to the finisher. Since the new Youtube layout can allow you to have a different feature video for the people who are not subscribed to you, I decided to make this. Some people would normally make something small, but I just went to the killer. I hope you like it.

Yes, I used After effects. Yes, I took the idea from my Smallville Style DBZ opening video but upgraded it to a whole new level. I thought that video was inspiring or epic enough to attract attention so why not a remake of that.

Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. Also like, comment and subscribe as more is on its way.

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