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VaraVild Bushcraft School

VaraVild Promo 01

3,722 views 11 months ago
I needed a welcome vid for YouTube and I thought it would be nice to make a message or promotional vid for once. (... and it's always a good excuse to have to create some music! :-D)

Here is the full text:

Our modern lives provide us with a host of conveniences and the impression that we are doing really good.
Yet, at the same time, we are depriving the human animal in us the freedom and connection with the natural world it craves.
This disconnection creates a false sense of not belonging.
We are made to feel out of place in the only environment we should be truly at home.
Among survivalist there is a tendency to focus on the skills and gear needed to quickly escape the wild.
I believe we can not truly survive if we need to escape from the only home we really have.
The only one that always welcomes us back.
We need to learn how to listen to its invitations and to re-connect with our timeless origins.
In Awareness we find the tracks of life and the skills to truly survive ... and thrive! Show less
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