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Where Will You Hide? (1948)

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Where Will You Hide?
1948 ----- color ----- 20 min ----- 16mm
Publisher: Audiographic Institute.
Part of the UW Libraries' Vintage 16mm Film Collection

Summary: Bold animated drawings and a dramatic soundtrack provide background for narrators who argue that World War III is looming and, as such, world civilization is in danger. They contend that peace is our only alternative, an alternative we must all work towards.

Quote from the film: "...we have not learned how to get along with our neighbors: man with man, or nation with nation. After nearly 2,000 years of the Christian era we seek justice through slaughter and expect good to emerge good from the reeking wreckage of war. This is your problem, and mine. All over the world man gives lip service to peace. It is so easy to say the right things, but only a pitiful minority is willing to pay the price of peace with the only coin of which to buy it: study, understanding, thought, and action. Peace is everyone's business. It doesn't just happen. Either you want peace and are willing to work for it or you must be prepared to accept the consequences for your inaction."

Credits: Ed Levitt (director and producer), W. Bradford Shank (producer)
Douglas Morrow (script), Robert Pettengill (script), W. Bradford Shank (script), Glen E. Shank (cinematography), W. Bradford Shank (scientific supervisor), Jim Backus, Edmund Penney, and Lou Marcelle (narrators). Show less
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Bikini: Radio-Biological Laboratory Play

Documents the Bikini Research Project by the Applied Fisheries Laboratory, University of Washington. Shows how, in order to trace and study the nature of radioactivity in the life cycles throughout an aquatic environment in which an atomic explosion has occurred, the Laboratory returns year after year to make comparative studies on the observable effects of radiation on various forms of life.

From our Eudcational Media Collection
1950 ----- color ----- 19 min ----- 16mm
Copyright University of Washington 1950-2010

It Happened on Yesler's Hill Play

A look at the history of Yesler Terrace, Seattle's first slum clearance and low-rent public housing project for low-income families. It was begun in 1939, completed in 1941, and open to low-income couples and families from all ethnic and racial groups. Shows the neighborhood before the work, the relocation of families and demolition of the site, the building of the development, and the neighborhood afterwards.
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