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US Campaign for Burma

Burma: It Can't Wait / US Campaign for Burma Play

Join us in a month-long campaign highlighting the Burmese struggle for liberty, democracy, and human rights. Each day this month, you will hear from celebrities who are raising their voices to build one million voices of support for Burma. Join the US Campaign for Burma today! Go to burmaitcantwait.org to join the campaign, view more videos of influential voices, and see bonus footage.

HELP VICTIMS OF THE BURMA / MYANMAR CYCLONE! We have set up a direct donation page through the US Campaign for Burma on the campaign page at http://www.burmaitcantwait.org
USCB: uscampaignforburma.org
HRAC: humanrightsactioncenter.org
Fanista: fanista.com

U Gawsita, Saffron Revolution Play

A year ago the monks of Burma led half a million people in peaceful protests around the country, proclaiming to the military regime that peace and freedom must be finally restored to the people. The generals' response to the non-violent calls was extremely brutal; hundreds were killed, thousands imprisoned, many monasteries raided, and many people are still missing.

U Gawsita was one of the leaders of the Saffron Revolution. He speaks about what happened and what he wants the world to do.

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